2173 Musical Regal Egg in Blue plays "Unchained Melody" 4.0"

2063 Musical Traditional Egg in Green.

Plays  Swan Lake" 4.0"

2062P Musical Imperial Egg in Purple.

Plays "Endless Love" 4.0"

2061 Musical Fantasy Egg in Red.

Plays "My Heart Will Go On" 4.25"

2067Y Musical Bejeweled Egg in Gold. Plays "Swan Lake" 4.0"

Bejeweled Eggs

Musical collectible keepsake Eggs meticulously handcrafted from genuine pewter. Now includes a matching necklace with each piece!  Each detailed Egg, designed exclusively by Jere, is painstakingly encrusted with genuine Swarovski Crystals.    Colorful enamels, platings of gold, silver, copper or rhodium on the exterior are used to craft each of these magnificent works of art. 

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2066 Musical Majestic Egg in Royal Blue. Plays "Swan Lake" 4.0"

"Heart" Red Heart Shape Carriage with Ring Insert Trinket Box 3”x2”x”3”

2065 Musical Rose Garden Egg.

Plays "Memories" 4"

2105 Musical Carousel Egg with Horse. Plays "It's a Small World" 5.5"

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2060 "Octopussy" Emerald Green Egg trimmed with Royal Crystals 4.0"

2062R Musical Imperial Egg in Red.

Plays "Endless Love" 4.0"