JJB223 Classic 3-Drawer Jewelry Chest in mahogany finish with brass lock and key.


JJB113 Rustic Burl with Ebony Accents, high gloss, espresso lining, lock and key.


JJB852 Walnut Burl Inlay Chest. Expresso lining, 3 pull out drawers, 2 swing out drawers, fully locking.


JJB752 Bubinga with Elm Burl Inlay and black accents, chamois lining, high gloss 3 pullouts, 2 swing-outs, fully locking.


JJB721 Bubinga Chest with Elm Burl Trim, chamois lining, high gloss, fully locking


Jewelry Boxes

A grand collection of heirloom quality jewelry boxes and chests handcrafted from some of the world's most exotic woods.  All hardware is brass or nickel and coated with lacquer to prevent tarnishing.  With the intricate detailing involved and many applications of protective coating it takes 20 days for one box to be completed.  Our boxes feature a variety of tarnish-resistant interior designs with spacious drawers and compartments, necklace hooks and swing out jewelry bars to make organizing easy with finishes to compliment any decor.

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JJB693 Poplar Veneer with Burl Wood Inlay Chest,3 pull out drawers, 2 swing outs, espresso lining, fully locking, high gloss


JJB113W Walnut Wood with black accents.  high gloss, lock and key.

JJB731 Mapa Burl Chest with Bubinga Inlay. 2 swing-outs drawers, necklace hooks and shirred pocket in lid.

JJB779 3 Drawer Black Oak with Maple Iced Burl Front. Putty lining, nickel lock and key.


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JJB245 Elm Burl Jewelry Chest with Double Braided Accent., ivory lining, lock and key.


JJB324 (Rustic Burl with Dark Walnut and Braiding Inlay, Piano Gloss Finish, scrolled accents, lock and key.


JJB367 Bubinga with Mapa Burl Inlay, Fold-Out Lids, stone lining, high gloss, lock and key.


JJB269 Bubinga Wood with Mapa Burl Inlay , ivory lining, high gloss, lock and key.


JJB641 Oak Burl with Natural Mapa Jewelry Box. 2 pull out drawers and 2 swing out drawers.